Window Cleaning

Castle Pointe’s commercial window services keep your building looking professional and inviting, inside and out. Periodic interior window cleaning removes residue that leaves the glass cloudy, streaked and dull, and also eliminates dirt buildup in the corners. From the outside, windows get stained from constant exposure to wind, rain, sprinklers and outside debris. We recommend periodic window cleaning services to keep them clear and clean. This is especially important for businesses with street-level storefront or display windows so that customers can see your merchandise easily and get a strong first impression – before they even enter the front door! 

Quality Ensured

Our special equipment, professional cleaning products and attention to detail will help your business look good and extend the life of your windows.

Experienced Workers

Our highly trained professionals not only protect your facility's value, but improve the productivity of the staff, and strengthen your overall professional image.

Castle Pointe Services Include:

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